July 3, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

We did it! We have a new bead wagon in the family! We found a 2005 Toyota Sienna van and It feels so good to drive down the road and feel pretty certain that you'll make it to where you are going! The kids love her too and are excited about taking trips.

A happy 4th to all!


Janet said...

That is such wonderful news! A bumpy and frustrating road to find a good one. I'm so very glad you got a great car! Yey! Bead wagon lol!

aunt cookie said...

Lemons to Lemonade ~
& a groovy bracelet to boot!
I am so happy for you all....
The Beadster Mobile ~
Love and Hugs!
Happy 4th!

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Andrew Thornton said...

Congratulations on the new car! It must be a huge weight off your shoulders. I get panic attacks driving, probably in part because I'm worried if the car will make it to where I want to go and back. Ugh.