August 23, 2011

Back to School Sale!

We are slowly gathering strength to pull ourselves out of this summer stupor and get our $%&! together for back-to-school! No new back packs this year but those smelly old lunch boxes HAD TO GO! Dang! They should have probably be replaced mid year! My big boy will be in *gasp* 5th grade (practically has one foot in collage!) and my big girl will be dancing her way into **double gasp** 1st grade (holy moley we're in actual numeral grades now!)

How is your back to school going? I just heard our school schedule has a few major changes (12:15 pick up every Wednesday!?!) that I have mixed feelings about! Why not on Friday? Give us a nice jump to the weekend?

So... in honor of Back-To-School I set up a coupon code "BEADSFORSCHOOL" for 10% off your entire order in the etsy shop through Saturday!

1 comment:

Kalei's Best Friend said...

g: love that shell bundle!. good luck w/this sale!, tho, i don't think u need any...:-)