November 9, 2011

Looking For Some Fun.

This last week was a big push and just full to the brim with work. I am so elated to be busy but it has worn me down and tt just dawned on me after two days of on and off crying fits, that maybe I need to find some fun and lighten things up a bit. The mail person has been kind to me and brought so many treasures but I had to put off play time over and over again. It feels like I haven't seen my family or friends in ages so I am really looking forward to giving thanks with them at the end of the month. These beautiful Green Girl Studios bead and pendants arrived for play time. The kids faces lit up like a klieg light when they saw all the pretties! Calder chose the octopus bead and a robot. Magnolia chose a heart pendant with a Helen Keller quote on the back and a panda baby...

And yes! That is a disco pumpkin you are looking at, compliments of Miss Magnolia!

There might be new items in my etsy shop. There also might be a few gifts involved. Maybe.

OK! Play time!


Shirley said...

Oh, I love your pretties! Especially the ovals. Gorgeous colors!

Anonymous said...

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