November 6, 2011


This has been a week dedicated to beads. I have done nothing else but make beads. It is good to be busy and I am so glad to be taking at least one afternoon this weekend to got see Puss In Boots with the kids. The mail has brought some amazing things and I haven't had a chance to covet them yet. I got a hand full of silks, some new double flush cutters (My fingers are happy for that! YAY!), a few books, and a MESS of Green Girl Studios beauties (more on the books and GGS later)!

To sum this week up... Beads. Puss In Boots. Cinnamon toast. Beads. Rain. Coffee. Coffee. Beads. Glaze. The Tooth Fairy. Beads. Coffee. Green Girls Studio. Beads. Beads. Beads. Glaze. Beads.

This is my dream morning...

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Shirley said...

Sounds like heaven to me!