November 25, 2011

Staying In For Black Friday!

While I am tempted by all the lovely sales, to run out and do some early morning "Black Friday" shopping, my need for warm and cozy (as well as my need for a flu shot) is winning out! It is  great to support independent artists and I am staying home and doing a cyber Black Friday, where I can find some great deals from some wonderful etsy shops!

Here are some shops that are catching my eye...

Marsha Neal Studio: Amazing ceramics use "BOCCYBER" for 20% off
Earthenwood Studio: Delish art pendants "HOLIDAY2011" for 25% off
Humblebeads: Fantastic art beads, enter "Holiday2011" for 20% off
Jennifer Jangles: Ceramic pendants and beads "cyber10" for 10% off
Lorelei Eurto: Amazing jewelry blackfriday" to recieve 25% off

My etsy shop will have 10% off through Sunday with check-out code "STAYWARM" as well as gift with purchase!

I had my kids writing a list of things they want for the holidays and was surprised that what they wanted most was family time. It would be great to honor that with a small trip together. Planning.... Ok! Stay warm!


somethingunique said...
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somethingunique said...

lets try this again and this time i'll check better for spelling errors...:P
Hi Gaea, i hope you had the most wonderful Thanksgiving Day...sounds like you have some pretty special kidlets...i guess the apple doesnt fall far from the tree :) I also have some links to sales on my blog...i will add you to the list too!!
take care ttfn Lana :)