February 13, 2009


OK. Firing. Done. Rain. Stopped. Snow? On the mountains! It looked close enough to touch! The CHP had our mountain HWY closed so all we could do is look from afar. Bummer!

But I did get the spring issue of Stringing in the mail this afternoon! And Congrats to Lorelei who has three necklaces featured! Go Lorelei! And Heather Powers who's necklace is featured on the cover. And, well, congrats to me! I'm on the cover of STRINGING!!!!! It's the most awesome thing ever!!! What do you mean it's not there? Yes it is. No. Look a little harder. I'll wait while you get your glasses on. I'll sing the cheerful "Waiting Song" while we wait. Waiting, waiting, waiting...

See it?

Can you see it now?

See! It's me! Or rather the Leaf Goddess! On. The. Cover. I know. I'm a geek!

Actually it is featured on Lorelei's beautiful necklace (Thank you Lorelei!) right next to Heather Wynn's beautiful pendant. I do have a pair of earrings and a bracelet inside! I keep good company.

Ok. Enjoy this song. I do.



Heather Powers said...

Well now I love the cover even more! I can't wait to see this issue. Hurry up post office. Congrats on the projects, I'm looking forwarding to seeing them in print.

2ifbysea said...

Hey Gaea! Congrats again on being published. I couldn't beleive when I got my mag in the mail that they didn't notice your pendant was upside-down and couldn't be seen. If it was me, I think I'd have to complain to them, LOL!

Lorelei said...

I cannot believe I haven't gotten my issue yet. I am convinced it's been lost in the system. :(
Oh I am just jammin' to this valentine's song. yeaaahhhh baby. Happy valentine's day.
P.S. congrats, I wish they had flipped your goddess- geez!

Gaea said...

Hey! I think there is a policy about about putting "faces" on the covers. Most jewelry magazines seem to do that. I'm not sure the reason. I seem to remember a few wonky rules back when I was a magazine art director, like "no green on the cover" and "use lot's of numbers".

Lorelei! Did you get your copy yet?

Lorelei said...

HI Gaea!
Nope, still haven't gotten my issue yet. Funny because I now am a subscriber. I was told that the office copies oftentimes come in After subscribers get their copies in the mail.
Am hoping it will come this week. I am so excited to see it.