February 25, 2009

Toooty toot tooooot!

Thats my own horn going off. I think it's broken. The Belle Armoire Spring 2009 issue has a necklace of mine and the issue is sooo pretty! It really is a luxurious magazine. Big beautiful photos and lovely heavy paper! I think I'm addicted to being published. I guess there could be worse things to be addicted to.

I gave some of the jump rings I'm working on a patina like this fantastic green...

And some have this fantastic blue...

Maybe some earrings with the links?

Later I will be making the copper rainbow/red/purple!


Linda Starr said...

Congratulations, those jump rings look great too. I had to laugh at the subtitle on the front cover - Itty Bitty Art To Wear. I just called my two pinch pots I posted from my barrel firing - Itty Bitty Pinch Pots. I'll have to check out the magazine next time I am at the book store - about the only place I'd find a magazine like that around these parts, Ha.

sharon said...

can'y wait to see your new creations in the new issue of belle armoire!!
i fell in love with your beads and jewelry in the winter issue! that inspired me to order some of your beads.. they are soooooo beautiful!! i created two necklaces using your beads and both were acceptd to be in the july issue of Bead Trends mag!!! i can't wait! it's my first publication and you helped. thanks for sharing your talent with us!!

Gaea said...

Hi Linda,
You will enjoy the magazine! I would have to travel an hour from our little town just to find a copy if they didn't send me a promo copy!

Hi Sharon,
Your work is WONDERFUL! And that is really exciting about your project! I know how you feel! Please let me know if you post something on your blog so I can put a link to you!

Round Rabbit said...

Congratulations Gaea! It's a gorgeous magazine - my favorite (I'll be in the June issue!). I am so excited that more ceramic jewelry is being featured. Let's take over the jewelry world!! :)