February 16, 2009


So. Let me know if the music is too much and I'll switch the settings!


SummersStudio said...

Gaea, I gotta tell you a funny little story. My baby dog Alice loves your blog too. It's the music! Perks her right up and she stares at the screen, tips her head side to side, trying to figure what's inside. So far she hasn't started singing along yet. Cheers, LeAnn

Joelle said...

Ok, I thought I was going nuts.
Totally unrelated-have you gone on the Coraline website and watched the clip of the lady hand knitting all the tiny clothes for the movie????? Unreal.

Gaea said...

Hi LeAnn! How cute! I love when our pets react to things like that. Let me know when she up and starts dancing!

Hey Jo! I'll have to go see that! I did see a bit of knitting on the HBO sneak peek! Sooo amazing!