February 9, 2009

Finding a new love.

It was a great weekend. A balance of work and fun. Both of my kids schools had book fairs at Barnes and Noble. The really exciting thing for me, and this was my hope, was that my 7 year old would find something that sparked his interest in reading. It is so important to read. He loves to have a book read to him but has not discovered the joy of ready on his own. I am really pleased to say that as we were exiting the children's section I saw his eyes light up as he rushed over to get a closer look at a stack of books. The series is called "Diary Of A Wimpy Kid" and he is loving it. We help him with the tougher words but he is entertained and enjoying the read. He's already on page 28 and keeps saying "MOM! This is fun! I like reading!"

The glaze has been running at full speed and even with a cold I'm moving along nicely. I had hoped to be loaded and fired up by Sunday but Monday will have to do. Such is life. The newest piece will join the Love Wish hearts. It is a wood grain heart with a little knot of wood. I think Pink Ice on Tan will look great with this one! Maybe a good name would be "Love Knot". Any thoughts?


SummersStudio said...

Or even Love Me Knot :) Can't wait to see one all finished up. Happy to hear your son is starting to read on his own. It took our son until he was about 10 to enjoy reading. Just a matter of finding something that was interesting. Now he is never without a book! Cheers, LeAnn

Pandorasfork said...

I love that Calder found books he can relate to ~ he will apply himself & find more, when the "reading bug" takes hold. : )
The Love Knot is a great addition to the series...even with a cold you're rockin' and rollin'!...The colour is perfect for this heart.
I am impressed & motivated!
Why Knot?
If Knot for You
Love Me Knot
Knotty Love
Okay, I'll stop now.
Feel Better!

J and Z said...

ooo mine is ten and he loves the wimpy kid books! he also loved the dav pilkey series about captain underpants...

one series i read to him when he was 7-8 was the peter pan books by dave barry and another adult author...peter and the shadow thieves, peter and the star catchers...i read them aloud to him and we both loved them!

also, i read the kate dicamillo books, despereaux and edward tulane out loud...

mine is loving reading on his own and just started artemis fowl...it's truly a great thing!

best wishes for continued progress!!

Gaea said...

Thanks for the kind words, great name suggestions and great book suggestions! Feel free to keep both coming! G

P.S. I think "Love Me Knot" is perfect! I may have to do a "Love Me" pendant too!