May 30, 2011

A Few Beads... And Another Chance To Win!

Make us all a wee bit happy!

I thought I could just pick a winner, but truth be told every reward was just so lovely and in reading them all I imagined each of you doing it! It was a relaxing reward in itself!  So I just picked a random winner! Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Congratulations to...


Who said... "All kinds of rewards - chockies, reading, chilling out, but my favourite is to spend some time on line checking out all kinds of creative endeavours in all kinds of fields."

Please email me with your info and I'll send you your beads! Thanks everyone for leaving such great ways to reward yourself. I hope everyone has gotten a chance to do just that! 

I'll be having another giveaway this week to celebrate the beginning of summer vacation. I'm call it an "Up For Grabs" giveaway! Remember is school when someone would hold up something awesome from their lunch and scream "UP FOR GRABS!" and then someone would grab it? Same here! Goodies will quickly go to the first to respond! Keep your peepers open! It may happen more than once!


somethingunique said...

Congrats to Greer if you have never had any of Gaea's beads in person you are in for a real treat pics don't do them justice take care Gaea ttfn L:)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Greer! I can't wait to see what you make with them... they look so lovely!

Take care,