August 21, 2008

Bead Celebrity!

Joelle and I have been planning to visit the Pasadena Bead Show for over a month! This last Sunday was the day! With no kids in sight and unintentionally small coffee drinks in hand (curse you Starbucks for your wonky serving sizes!) we set off on a 85 mile journey with cash in pocket and the sparkle of beads in our eyes. I had found out that the FABULOUS Green Girl Studio's would be there only a few days before the show and I knew where a majority of my budget would be spent! We were hoping to meet the whole studio family. We arrived in no time flat, thanks I think to such high gas prices, the traffic was light. We registered and utilized our handy map to locate the booth in question. WE WERE CLOSE! There it was in all it's glittery splendor, The Green Girl Studio's booth! Miniature works of art that we could buy! We got to see the amazing one-of-a-kind bezels and were in awe! Greg was on hand to help us and was as sweet as pie. We were a bit star struck! We giggled like school girls and our palms turned sweaty when we layed eyes on the smorgasbord of pendants, beads and buttons! My voice my falter for the remainder of this post.... THEY HAD NEW ITEMS NOT SEEN BY OUR EYES!!!! I've had my eye on and I've added the Fandango charm to my checkout basket at their website no less then 3 times only to get distracted away from the computer... Well HE'S MINE NOW BABY! I have the perfect plan for him involving a certain Pandora's Box pendant! I think we were freaking out our bead pimp er, I mean bead facilitator Greg, so we paid for our treasure trove and as we were hogging the whole table we decided, hesitantly, to move on. Another Bead Celebrity we got to see was Allene, of Allene's Beads!

She looked wonderful and treated us to a tour of here wonderful table. A beautiful mix of ceramic and glass bead artist. I couldn't wait to get my hands of some amazing Golem Studio Beads. It was exciting to see my own basket of pendants on display! We wandered, kid-less, with coffee drinks and amazing beads, jewelry, hats and art to see. It was perfection!

Here is the loot....

Stay tuned for the kiln unload and creations from the loot!


Lorelei said...

Oh My Gawd!! You got to meet Greg in PERSON!??! I'm so jealous!!
I can completely relate to this elated feeling that overcomes you at a GGS table. I had the pleasure of shopping for GGS at a bead expo in Albany NY, and the owners weren't even there, it was their friend! Didn't matter. He was a celebrity by association!
Love you loot, totally drooling. Thanks for sharing!

Andrew Thornton said...

It's so funny to hear people talk about my siblings like that.

I'm glad that you had a good time and were able to stop by the table. We're all out here in Philadelphia at Bead Fest. It's been a lot of fun so far. I haven't had a chance to walk around, but has been pretty star-studded with bead celebrities so far.

Gaea said...

Lorelei: It was such a fun day and I am super excited to PLAY! Turns out Greg had some designs of his very own in the mix. Very cool! Joelle had a necklace on that I'd made for her with one of their pendants on it and he gave us a free goodie for "representing"! Tee hee! Kids in a candy store!

Andrew! Oh, we talk about you like that too! We did have a great time and we sad to hear that the Pasadena show may not be on the agenda next time around. I would not be sad to HAVE to journey to San Francisco for some bead love. I am looking forward to reading more about your adventures in beads! Thanks for commenting!