August 22, 2008


We have been so busy around here what with the getting back to school (my big boy started 2nd grade this week! AHHHH!) and working as the secretary for my daughters co-op preschool and the monthly firing and the new pendants and... and, and the water park! Ahhhh! And trying to cram all the Summer fun in before Summer moves into Fall. It is darn tiring! I'm watching the email and mail for signs of my most recent projects getting accepted or not. Thinking up new ideas for future submissions. Waiting impatiently for the copies of magazines that have accepted submission... The list seems endless and all I want to do is watch LOST. You heard me. LOST. It looked good from the get go and yet I never followed up on it. Never bothered to pop a tape in the old VCR. And now, Thanks to Joelle (SHHNAGA-FRAGA Grumble!) We are indeed addicted. We hurried through season one and are onto season 2 (Leap of faith????!?!? Don't push the dang button! It's a bigger leap of faith!!!!) It is the most fun we have had in front of the boob tube in ages! Having said all that, I'd better get this place in order and get my packages shipped on out so we can have an all weekend marathon of LOST! Oh, wait! My little one is having her 3rd birthday Saturday. (SHHNAGA-FRAGA Grumble!) Priorities.

Another new thing to look forward to opening the kiln for! Happy Friday all!

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