August 5, 2008

Giveaway Tuesday... Another Monday Flies By!

Yet another Monday whizzes by and I noticed that there are only 2 weeks left of summer until school starts. Where does the time go? I've had all these grand plans of beach trips and fair outings. I guess we'd better get on that! I remember loving the Renaissance faire when I was a kid. The costumes, entertainment and food were great! Sadly our local faire was kicked off the land it had been using since my Mom was a kid (so they could build fancy upscale new houses) and had to move to far off lands (the icky desert!) Such is life. So. Tell me... what is your favorite summer outing? The time you went to the lake with friends? Spent all day in the movie theater watching the latest flicks? Leave a comment and there could be a fun pendant for ya! I'll pick a winner Friday!


Lisa said...

My favorite outing, whether it's summer or not, is going to visit friends in the Keys. They live in a beautiful house on a canal. We relax, shop, SCUBA, snorkel, fish, got out on their boat, go out on our waverunner, waterski, and just have a great time! We did not make it there this summer, but we are going for Thanksgiving. Can't wait!

Thanks for the giveaway!


Lorelei said...

I'd say my favorite outing would have to include most of the following:
1) my love
2) my favorite wine
3) the sunshine
4) no strenuous activity
5) Wind on my face
6) and the company of some good friends

Carlene said...

Summer always means a trip to NW Trek. It's a really cool animal park that has a tram through the free roaming area (buffalo, elk, deer, mountain goats, etc) and walkways through all the other exhibits. I always get some really cool pictures and it is the best fun!!!

Jennifer Stumpf said...

My favorite summer outing is a relaxing drive along historic route 5 from Richmond to Williamsburg. From there continue on to the Colonial Parkway, where we stop at what we refer to as Seventeen Dollar Beach, for the reason that one summer day we walked that beach and one after another for a length of about a mile, found dollar bills washing up on the beach, for a total of seventeen dollars, which was promptly spent on ice cream and enough gas to get us home again.
The drive, the beach, the walk, then a nice dinner at our favorite restaurant, The Mongolian buffet in Williamsburg, also the scene of our first date...

Fab Fibers said...

There are so many things about summer that I love, its hard to pick just one. Watching the sunset over Lake MI, the Farmer's Markets, the small town festivals
(this week is Blueberry Fetival).
Art Fairs, craft shows, everything is so alive this time of year.