August 25, 2008

Starman: Giveaway Monday Returns!

Each firing seems to have a different soundtrack. This months firing was imbued with a dose of the all mighty David Bowie. We were, in our youth, lucky enough to stay up all night waiting outside of our local Music Plus store for tickets to his Glass Spider tour. Geeeeezzzz! That was a million years ago (1987 to be exact). Another life time. We certainly were different people. I remember enjoying the theatrics of the stage show but not enjoying the theatrics of the people jacked up on what ever behind us. We were such good kids, really. It was definitely a yin/yang day!

Is there a moment from your past that had a good and bad, yin and yang that was memorable? Leave a comment and I'll pick a winner on friday!

From the firing...


Carlene said...

I'll have to get back to you on the yin/yang moment, but I just had to tell you I LOVE that Dreamtime piece!!! I think my fav of your new stuff so far. Do you have an unclaimed one you'll sell to me?!?

Gaea said...

Thanks Carlene! She is unclaimed! Have at her! Let me know!

Anne Hartman said...

My order arrived today and it all looks great! I can't wait to get started on the day of the dead necklace. I wrote on my blog about how much I love your beads and put up a picture and a link to your site.
Yin/yang moment - I would have to say the anniversary (21 years!) my husband and I spent at the pediatrics unit of the hospital, after our 14-year-old daughter had been there nearly a month. She is doing great now!

Again, you do terrific work!
Anne Hartman

Gaea said...

Thanks guys! I was really happy with this firing!