August 11, 2008

White Rabbit

Things have piled up again. It must be getting close to the mid month firing! Of course ALL I want to do in play and have fun. I do have fun things planned with all the beaded links I've created. I may be submitting them to a magazine so I won't be able to reveal them in full... And I haven't forgotten about the whole "Chaos" thing...

My good friend Dean has kept an ear out for us, musically speaking, for years. As a huge music fan, he always seems to be in the know and will share some of his music finds with us. He had sent us "White Rabbits" some time ago and we TOTALLY LOVE IT! Then he sent us "Fleet Foxes" and we've been warming up to it slowly but surely. We are always thankful for fun new music...

If you care to share,
a note or bar,
of music in your air,
a gift of clay,
I might share...


Anonymous said...

Long time reader of your blog but first time poster :>
Here are two youtube videos for you to check out.

The first is a Brazillian band that David Byrne from Talking Heads has been singing with. The other is a singer from Nigeria who is making some amazing music.
Hope you enjoy!

Gaea said...

Ohhh! Hi Pamela! I love David Byrne! He has a great blog as well.. Thanks for the music! And thanks for reading!