September 17, 2008

More Crazy Squirrels!

Over the weekend our paths crossed once again with a wondering neighbor dog "Duke" who is an incredibly sweet and handsome Basset Hound. We've come to call him Mr. Bud and he spent Sunday visiting and playing until we had to walk him home. It just goes to show how attuned their noses are as our friend came into our yard (and away from scary street traffic) he found a squirrel on the ground and chased him up the side of our house. Man! That critter flew! Too far from a tree, this little guy found himself up our screen porch. Of course my fancy flash photography was probably scaring the heck out of him too. Excitement!

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Anne Hartman said...

I just posted my entry for your contest (I know you said email but I am so excited about this necklace I wanted to post it on my blog as well)! Its the "fool" tarot card pendant - now a treasured gift for the director of my daughter's high school play ("Fools" by Neil Simon).