September 26, 2008

Raccoon Poop?

Let it be known that in our house, poop is funny. Having two children one tends to suffer quite a bit of it. You may say that on some days we seem to be up to our eyes in it and not really noticing it. Poop. Nothing seems to phase us. So, one fine Saturday morning in the midst of our cleaning and car repairs and children watching and bead making, I came across something in our car port that looked suspiciously like poop. So I ask "Robert, Is this poop on the ground?" His reply, "Yah. It's raccoon poop." ... "Uh, raccoon poop?" I question. "Yes. Raccoon poop." How or why my dear husband would consider or know that a small turd on our property would be from a raccoon and not our 3 year old is beyond me. "But it's green." he notices.... Um, yah? Maybe it's the sheer number of diapers I've changed or the fact that our droopy drawred daughter had just pranced through that made me think otherwise. Raccoon poop. Ok Robert, go to your "happy place" I'll clean up the "raccoon poop".


Anonymous said...

Hi, how are you? I am sending you this comment, because I am serching for blogger friends, and your site is interesting to me. I have an art blog here in San Diego, and I am curious if you would become my freind? Are you up to it?
I hope to see you soon on my art blog, and take care,

LLYYNN said...

Gaea, you made me snort my iced coffee with this one, laughing so hard! I gotta tell you a story, the other evening my hubby and I were in my studio at dusk and looking out the window that has the ventillation fan in it, and suddenly up pops this masked face! The junior racoon looked at us a couple of time, turned his head back and forth - 'whatcha doin' in there?' - then scampered off down the roof. We looked at each other as though we'd seen a GHOST then laughed and laughed. He wasn't scared a bit! So your story resonated with me, too. Racoon Poop! HA!

Gaea said...

That is too funny Lynn! Raccoons are sooo cute and always impress me with their mischief and curiosity!

Amanda said...

I have never been so amused by poop as I just was.