October 26, 2008

I'm Such A TEASE!

OK! I've sent a few items out to various magazines....
I can't show them in full but thought I would tease with a few items that were mailed out months ago and will be published in a few months. But some things will not be seen until next Summer! It is so hard to wait!


Joan Tucker said...

Hi, Glad to hear you sent pieces out; we have tried really hard to get some magazine PR and it has been working.Takes really a long time and they do not like everything but I think the process works if we keep sending out our pieces made into jewelry.

I admire your designs and also the sweet whimsical nature of your ideas. Best of luck in all these great opportunities to get the word out. Keep beading!
Joan Tucker Off Center Productions

Gaea said...

I had it all blown out o proportion in my head about how difficult is would be. It's amazing how taking the first step, and another will follow. I just got the pdf pages from my first article in Belle Armoire Jewelry. They are always looking. If you haven't tried them, you should!

Joan Tucker said...

Congrats and thanks for tip on Belle Armoire. I would love to be seen in that mag. Joan T
Off Center Productions