October 21, 2008

It was an early morning..

And a most beautiful one at that! I couldn't believe the colors of the sky. I was up at 6 to get to Ojai Day by 7. It was fairly dark as I pulled out of the driveway and headed into town but the sky was MAGNIFICENT! A perfect sunrise. Pink and orange sky with dark gray and fluffy clouds. The mountains looked purple. I captured a few images with my cell phone but can't figure how to get them off of there (I don't have the fancy service so I'm S.O.L on that one I guess!) I was busy the entire day and couldn't have asked for more wonderful customers. I saw quite a few folks sporting Obama shirts and buttons questioning whether or not this or that pendant clashed with their shirt? I didn't think anything could! Many kids came up to have necklaces made. They are such joyful and enthusiastic designers and I marveled at their designs. They were so patient waiting their turn and saying their pleases' and thank yous. Ojai is such a great town and friends are around every corner. I hadn't seen my friend Jaymie in ages and ran into her and her two gorgeous boys. Her etsy shop Wooly Good Fun, has the most adorable furry creations ever! I got to be her first etsy customer! I am a huge fan of her work and I just know there will be MANY more for her!

This one is mine! I love her!


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Tari of claybuttons said...

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Gaea said...

I do love to play! Thanks Tari!