November 15, 2008

This Mama Could Rule The World!

There are many thing we can not control in this world. Kids are one of them. It's not so much that I want to "control" my kids, as much as I would like to help them make good choices. Vegetables. Let's just say as an infant they were a big part of my sons diet. Organic vegetables. Nothing from a can. Nothing from a jar. Hand milled fresh and delicious. I'm not sure when or how it happened but they disappeared from his diet. Fruits? No problem. But not a vegetable for him in literally years. I've taken to giving him fruit and vegetable blend juices. Sneaking them into my pumpkin, zuccini, carrot "cake". So it isn't like he never has them, but more like, he doesn't know he's having them. The vomiting that ensues after eating just one raw tiny baby carrot is just too much. I've tried to let him pick his veggies. Not even sweet juicy corn can tempt him. Nope. Vomit. As the years have passed I've told my self, "Just be patient. He will grow out of it. He is healthy." Well today was the day. I said "Eat these six cooked carrots and you don't have to go to school tomorrow!" His reaction was excited and quick! "Really Mom! No school?" And guess what? He did it. No fuss, no muss. Veggies eaten. Please don't tell him tomorrow is Sunday.


Lorelei said...


and no vomit I imagine??

hmm, how bout that!?

Joelle said...

You are an evil (and funny) genius!

Gaea said...

With my one raised eyebrow I say to you now... "WAHHH, HAAA, HAAAAA!"