November 4, 2008

Woven Treasures

A while back I'd left a comment on the Cicada Daydream blog and won some of her amazing fabrics! The two selections of fabrics, "Wild Mushrooms" and "Pussywillow" are both from her Earthly Delights Collection of fabrics which is so sweet and adorable! I loathe the thought of actually cutting into this amazing fabric! What is a fabric junkie such as myself to do? I've been collect pebble cloth from the 40's and 50's and LOVE the Alexander Henry line of fabrics. How cute do my buttons look with these fabrics?!?

Happy Election Day! GET OUT AND VOTE!!!

P.S. It's almost over Joelle! XOXO


Tony and Lisa Blackwell said...

I need you to shoot me an email with your mailing info so i can send you yor Bohemian Heart prize....I look forword to visiting your blog and thanks for visiting us.....Lisa

Gaea said...

Hi Lisa, My reply must have gotten stuck in a filter. I will send you another email shortly! Thanks again! Gaea

Tony and Lisa Blackwell said...

Hi Gaea,Please try again and i'll check my spam file.This is so weird.....?

Gaea said...

I am seriously thinking about changing my internet provider! I just had a message to you bounce back! DOH! This is silly! My address is Gaea, P.O. Box, 684, Ojai, CA 93203 : )