June 22, 2010

Color Me... Lavender

All shades of purple welcome! I am less than a away from the Ojai Lavender Festival! Miss Yvonne and I will share a booth again a la our Earth Day adventure! Her fantastic parasols were a hit last time and I'm sure they will be this time as well! Of course planning ahead is not my strong suit, but I did manage to get it in gear enough to make a few lavender and leaf pendants. Of course as I was pulling them out of the kiln I shouted "AHHHH!!! I COULD HAVE DONE SOME BUTTONS!!!!" I did make many buttons but not with the lavender on them! Doh. Next time....

There is still time to enter to win a frame pendant.

1 comment:

inojai said...

Cute little lavenders! By the way I loved your recent comment on my blog.