June 7, 2010


 It happens. The dry glaze gets poured into a jar, water is added, the lid returned, and you give it a good shake. Here is where I for got the crucial step... WRITE THE NAME OF THE GLAZE ON THE OUT SIDE OF THE JAR. Honestly, it really should be step one and having learned my lesson this time, it will be the next. While I do love the Blue Moon glaze, it is not what my customers ordered, but that is the color I laid eyes on when I opened the kiln this morning! It isn't all bad though! I usually put a thin layer of clear over certain items and this time it ended up being a great effect.

Blue Matilija Poppy dish.

This is how they look in real life...

They got the blue treatment! 

What serendipitous discovery have you made lately?


Shannon said...

Well although it was not what you had intended it is lovely!

inojai said...

I love the blue poppy. Will you be selling those at the store?