June 21, 2010

What's That Smell?

We are still in the middle of rubik's cubing our house back together and in the middle of the clutter, I'm trying to work and fire the kiln. I glazed like a mother f@%$er on fire to get it all done on time. Loaded my sweet Amaco up and started her up. About half way through the first hour we started to smell a smell. Not a good smell.

Robert: What's that smell?
Gaea: There must be a hair stuck in the kiln. It will fire out. Yuck!
Robert: It's getting worse. Really bad!
Gaea: Ick! What is that?!?
Robert: Did the cat pee in the studio?
Gaea: OH MY GAWD! Is that cat pee burning in the kiln?!?!??

Yes. It appears the cat was stuck in the studio and had to go. On my kiln shelves. Why. Oh. Why.

If you've ever had a cat pee somewhere in your house or car you know what a hellacious smell that is. Now bake that smell and watch us run. I am talking bad. Really. Really. BAD. Good thing is, when the kiln got hot enough it fired out and stopped making the smell. Sadly we all had that stink stuck in our noses for the rest of the day. I almost passed out. Lesson learned. No cats in the studio.


Spirited Earth said...

ok i've just fallen out of my chair laughing..
we solved that problem by placing a c-pan in studio and garage..cause who can be sure the cat is not in there..sneaky critters..

Copper Diem said...


Janet said...

What a story Gaea!
Golly jeepers!!!

Dave at Rings & Things said...

Hi Gaea!

Glad I stopped by (after seeing you in the Contributors page at stringingmagazine.com) - -

What an educational experience for you! Thanks for sharing a hilarious story :)

at Rings & Things

Gaea said...

As a side note to the story, our cat returned to the scene of the crime! We found him snooping about the door, meowing. I'm just glad he has no opposable thumbs! Who knows what other mischief he would have made! Glad you all had a laugh!

Jill at Liv'nGood Jewelry said...

oh ew ew ew!

at least when my dog poops in the studio (about every other day) it's obvious & easy to clean up