February 28, 2010

Feeling Bookish... A book review!

I was recently contacted by book publisher Watson Guptil to see if I would like a preview copy of a new jewelry design book Sherri Haab Jewelry Inspirations: Techniques and Designs from the Artist's Studio.  Would I? Indeed! I had put it out of my mind until it popped up in my mail! What a beautiful and lovely surprise of a jewelry book! As beautiful as the photos are the projects are even lovelier! Being able to see an artist in her studio is also a nice surprise as well as an inspiration! My studio can and will take a few notes from Sherri's pages! I loved her use of baskets and ceramic dishes for keeping her working projects organized. Ordinary items like handkerchiefs and acorns are transformed into beautiful jewelry elements. There were even a few craft projects thrown in the mix. The wide range of projects made me feel like on any day, what ever my mood, I'd find inspiration. My head is spinning with ideas and I can't wait to dig in a little deeper really get my hands dirty with some good clean fun! Look for this book on March 9th! You can pre-order it here at Amazon.


Shannon said...

I love Sherri's work. When will this book be available?
I am a bit of a book whore. I have tons of books and I reread them all the time. What I can't believe is that in almost every book I read there is a typo, I thought they had people to fix those?!

Gaea said...

Hi Shannon,
Who doesn't love a good jewelry or design book?! I've got quite a collection going myself! The release date is March 9th (thanks for asking! I've added that to the post!) and you can pre-order at Amazon...

You do have to wonder with spell check and so many eyes going on a book before it is published what's up with typo's? I can't live with out spellcheck!