April 14, 2008

Back In Black!

For years now I have avoided using the color black. Which is funny since we lived our teen years in nothing but black (and the Earl Scheib inspired hair color). "Are you kids on your way to a funeral?" or "Who died?" (yo mama!). In art class it was "There is no black! Only darker versions of the colors are used! DO YOU SEE BLACK IN THOSE SHADOWS?!?!?" So I've struggled with using/wearing black for years. Not anymore baby! Black is back! At least it is for me. I made these hand painted beads months ago but I was having trouble working them into jewelry. Alone they were fine but the minute I tried to put my typical copper or silver wire with them or other beads they just looked off. Apparently they needed a little black! I think they are fun and special and totally remind me of being a teenager, but only in a good way (out with your best friends, rollin' into the parking lot of Denny's at midnight for a cig and a cup o' joe) ROCK N' ROLL BABY!


Joelle said...

So, I'm apparently a snapdragon. Good to know.
And why fear the black? Black is the new..., oh, wait, never mind.

Gaea said...

Tee hee he! YAY!!! Snapdragon!!! Yay! It worked! Yippie! Are you guys all boiled or what? This heat stinks. 100 here yesterday!!! XO