April 7, 2008

Here General Grievous, Here boy!

So we found a stray, a mighty adorable Basset Hound over the weekend, running wild with a pack of dogs. This happens frequently in our neighborhood. My husband tried to round as many up into our yard as possible to keep them safe. We got two and only one had a name tag so he made his way home. The other is now happily napping, playing and eating as a part of the family. At least that is what my 6 year old and 42 year old children are hoping. I think he's adorable but honestly, 3 dogs!?! My 6 year old has decided to name him "General Grievous, MOM! No! LEGO! No! General Grievous!!!!" Why? "Because he has red eyes!!! And I love General Grievous. Mom, can we keep General Grievous?" Um, no. We've been playing Star Wars Legos. I'm thinking that there is a family missing him terribly. I'll put signs up this afternoon. Mean mommy.

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