April 23, 2008

I got tired of waiting!

So, I went to my local Ben Franklin store and got my own copy of Beads2008! There are some really cool things and a great project from Melanie of Earthenwood Studio. The beads from the Golem Studio were awesome! There were so many wonderful new things and so may bead works of artist I am familiar with it was like a who's who of ceramic beads! I'm really pleased to see so many ceramic artist featured! Congrats to all the Beads of Clay artist featured! Good job!

I have been doing the pee-pee dance for days now! The kiln is all cooled and I cracked it open to find some real beauties!


*melanie* earthenwood studio said...

Isn't it great? Congrats for all the cool stuff you got in..they looked great!

Just to clarify, the project in Beads 2008 was not written by me, it only featured my beadies. Cool project, huh?

Gaea said...

I was a bit disappointed that there weren't more projects. The mag was $8. Not that I wasn't happy with the editor picks (it was all great!) but I wonder how many people will pick it up for that much?

I hadn't noticed that it wasn't your project! Thanks for clarifying! Super cute!