April 2, 2008

Wishing and Hoping.

I've been all over the place this week. Maybe it is a form of procrastination but I get flooded with ideas and feel compelled to produce them all at once. I know I have other things to get done yet here I am working on something that doesn't really need to get done right away. I guess it is better than not getting anything done. Of course making new ideas happen is far more fun than doing laundry or washing dishes (Imagine my shock! Oh! Are they dirty again?!!?). I can not wait to see these new heart pendants with glaze! And I just picked up some really fun looking new colors! Wheeee! Now I guess I will have to get all that other work done to see the glazes. Humpf!


White Iris Designs said...

I know exactly what you mean! Love the new hearts, I too cannot wait to see them with glaze!

Gaea said...

Thanks! It is always amazing what a little color can do! Thanks for popping in!