April 8, 2008

So long. Fare well. We hate to say goodbye!

Well, one quick call to our local humane society and General Grevious was back with his family. Duke, as we came to find out, only lived a block away. He fit right into our little family and we all felt very sad to see him go but happy that he has a family that loves him. It is insane that with in 24 hours this sweet dog was here and it felt like he had never not been.

There is too much to do before this weekends Earth Day 2008 festival (if you are in Ojai this Sunday, find me at Oak Grove School!) I had hoped to get this months firing done early to have some fun new things to play with. I have high hopes of making 40 pairs of earrings and 50 necklaces. Hmmm... what are the child labor laws again? Ok, enough procrastination!

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