April 22, 2008

"It is cool. I like it."

It is "Turn Off Your TV!" week at my son's school. So, we did just that. Sadly, I have come to rely on the TV to do a fair bit of baby sitting. But not last night! We ate dinner and talked (or argued) with each other! We read books. We didn't argue about what to watch. We watched a moth fly around the room and laughed. We had a tickle fight. Not that we don't normally do these things, but the pressure was off. It felt good. Even with a migraine headache things seemed to flow a bit better. Bath time was fun time again. I think I will instate a no TV Monday thru Friday policy. My son even dared to write three sentences in his weekly sharing journal where 2 of the 3 were not "It is cool." and "I like it." Baby steps. I hope to continue the week in this positive direction. It is cool! I like it!

Below are a few things that were almost forgotten about. I will make time to not procrastinate and get them listed...

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