April 27, 2008

Fright Night VI

I guess I wasn't the only person with complaints at our local Blockbuster as they have now moved and turned off the monitor with the video games and placed movies with graphic covers to the highest shelves! Thank you! The store manager is always lovely to us and I had to thank her. If only the family owned local video store would find less snotty and unhelpful teens we could go back. I guess cheep labor has it's price. Baby steps.

I've been playing chemist this weekend with copper wire and chemical reactions! Super fun! I love the way copper will patina over time (something I don't ever have enough of) So I looked around online and found some very helpful sites that show how to patina metal with home made ingredients! So now I have BLUE copper and will try the "Green" experiment today! So far I am just playing with the wire alone. Next I will do a whole necklace!!! I've also been playing with hammered copper. I did a few necklaces a while back. I've gotten a great reaction from them and am really loving the effect! Imagine these spirals in an electric blue! Super cool!

Well now I am off to obsess about a new idea. I'm REALLY excited about it and can't wait to get rolling on it. I pushed through the 103 degree heat yesterday to clean the house, or at least I smeared enough of the muck around so that it formed something akin to clean. Either that or I'm a modern artist! 2 adults + 2 kids + 2 dogs + 2 cats - enough time = !#$%#$!@

I just love this band! They ROCK IT OUT!


Lorelei said...

Your post made me giggle- about cleaning, or something similar to clean. Hilarious.
Can't wait to see this new idea! I hate cliff hangers, but it keeps me coming back for more, more, more!!
Can't wait to see the colored copper, YUM!

Gaea said...

I'm no good with cliff hangers either! I'll be posting some pics shortly!