April 28, 2008

Whooo hooo!

I managed to get a few photos of things that are for projects. I'm really happy with the formed copper wire elements. I am itching to try the "electric blue" patina on them.

This is a detail of a necklace that I am working on as a collection of jewelry based on Greek Mythology. It seems appropriate and LONG overdue as "Gaea" sometimes spelled "Gaia" was the Greek Goddess of Mother Earth! How did my mom know I would want to play with the earth some day?!

This necklace is Dionysus, the God of agriculture and wine. A green patina on some of the more grape viney pieces would be perfect!

I love the clasp on this necklace. I'm not so sure of the blue color of the seed beads though. Robert described them as "roadside carnival cheap" He is never wrong. I went back to the store and picked a blue that was more spacey. The necklace is supposed to be of the night sky with multi colored stars. It actually looks pretty good in this picture. It is much more garish in real life.


Lorelei said...

LOVE IT! I love that clasp, super awesome!
I see nothing wrong with that blue. I think it works really well with the copper wire. Very nice!
Cool focal on that too.

Gaea said...

Thanks Lorelei! I think it is a photogenic blue but in real life it is a bit too "ELECTRIC". I may list a few clasps and bent pieces on etsy. It might go over well. Especially with a patina. I got my order from "Patina Queen" and I can't wait to play with them!