May 3, 2008

Ring of fire...

The blue was electric. The green is... mostly dark brown with some gobs of green like bugger substance clinging in a yuckish way. Hmmm. Maybe I let it sit too long? More experiments are needed!

I redid the "Big Bang" necklace. The new blue beads seem to capture the look of the sky at night. Not so carnival unchic! I did notice the moon up in the morning yesterday and it is so beautiful to see a crescent moon early in a light blue sky!

I am circling back around to bead making time. Unfortunately I have some unfinished business from the last bead firing. I would like to think that I am perfect (at least at taking and processing bead orders!) But, alas, tis not true. I had a custom order in the last firing that, because it was custom, did not have any duplicates made. This lovely customer had ordered in plenty of time for a special event. It was even mailed out in a more than reasonable amount of time. So when I got an email inquiring of the status (thankfully I sent it with tracking info!) it showed that her package had been "missent" (a word the post office invented! YAYYY!) to another city (strange?) and upon further calls and investigating, was found to be on its way back to the city it was mailed to. After a few more days of waiting and updates from the tracking number it was still at the P.O. Hmmmm..... And a few more days and it still being at the same location and not being delivered, we are now both franticly calling post offices and hot lines and begging who ever will listen (not many people will!)... PLEASE! THIS PACKAGE IS STUCK IN AN ENDLESS LOOP OF SCANNING AND NOT DELIVERING!!! SOMEONE, ANYONE, PLEASE HELP US!!! Turns out I mistyped her zip code and thus sent her package on a two week wild ride, one that is continuing as I type this. So... I am now making the items over for my lovely customer. She was ever so adamant that I not make them again. I had to break the cycle of denial. The package is lost. I will move on to more constructive actions. Sucks being imperfect. It is awesome that my customer has not driven the 90 miles to kick me in the bahookie!

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