May 25, 2008

Hello... Ventura!

It was the first time the kids got to to see Dad play with the band! Actually it was my first time too. It was an intimate group and, actually, there were quite a few toddlers! I'm guessing because of the early show it was perfect for those of us who are night life challenged. I was worried that we'd be the only ones with a possible screaming 2 year old. Luckily we weren't and there was no screaming from the kids, only the band. They did a few cover songs from Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" to The Stone's "Get off of my Cloud" to Tom Jone's "She's A Lady"! Apparently it got quite crowded as the night went on but we had bath and bead time to deal with! Rock on!

Since I skipped "Giveaway Monday" we will have to have "Giveaway Tuesday"! Tell us your favorite concert experience or your FANTASY concert experience... I'll post a winner Friday!


calf said...

Reminds me of "The Red Balloon!" One of my all-time fave childrens' flicks!!! One of many ~ you are so creative, woman!
Keep on mudslingin'!!!! (The good kind, that is!)
XX, ca

calf said...

Sorry I missed R's gig ~ looks like it was a rockin' night at Bernadette's! Next time, I'm so there!

I have lots of concert memories...Blondie, Bowie, Missing Persons, James Taylor, etc., but I loved Dire Straits on a balmy Summer evening at the Greek...the stars in the indigo sky, the scent of the pine trees in the breeze ~ aaaah....I went with my then-boyfriend, Gordon, and his record producer friend, Hank, and we drank Perrier Jouet in plastic champagne flutes, (FRONT ROW) poured by Mark Knopfler! ~ a night to cherish, for sure....and an awfully long, run-on paragraph!

Bunny B said...

My FANTASY concert experience would be to see Kylie live in Paris (front row!) AND get to meet her afterwards for pics and autographs! Sweet!!

Lorelei said...

A couple of years ago, my husband took me to see the Dave Matthews Band in Saratoga for our anniversary. That was a really great concert and a fun way to bond on our anniversary!
The amazing part, that was only my 2nd concert ever, the first one being at college when I saw LIVE.
I know, I'm sheltered.

Loni V. said...

My two actual concert experiences were Heart in '86, and UB40 in '88 when I was in college, so I'm just as sheltered as Lorelei. :) I would love to see James Taylor, Paul Simon, Stevie Nicks and Janice Joplin all in one concert....but since Janice is no longer touring(ha!), I would settle for the other three. :) (sigh) It's a completely unattainable fantasy, but it's nice to have dreams......

Carlene said...

I talked my husband into going to see Leo Kottke. Third row seats, center stage! We sat down and husband saw only a guitar and a chair on stage and said "Who's this guy again?" Leo is a great entertainer and my husband really enjoyed himself. He specially loved some of his off-color jokes! And me, I was in heaven. Life is good!

Jeraluna said...

I think it was 1985 I was 18 and spending the summer in Chicago with my best friend and her family. We saw many great bands that summer but the best was when we saw The Ramones and The Cramps in this small venue we were pressed up against the stage and got a perfect view of both shows. The thing I remember most is Lux Interior doing his strip tease down to his gold speedos! Ahh to be young and punk again :)

Gaea said...

CA! That sound amazing! YOU rock my friend!

Bunny B, I think to see anyone in Paris would be a fantasy come true!

Lorelei, You may not have seen many but you make up for it in choice!

Loni, I JUST saw an ad for a Janice tribute show and it actually looked great! It would have been great to be at the Monterey Pop Festival!

Carlene, I'll have to look Leo up! Thanks for the tip!

jeraluna, I often think it would have been amazing to see The Clash!

Thanks guys!