May 25, 2008

Scenic Route

Here is my loot from the bead faire! I love the "Dragon Scales"

In an attempt to not get anything done (ie: house work) I spent much of Saturday making tiny chain link with these beautiful red frosted seed beads. I've been wanting to play with the lantern pendants and the letter stamping set I got a few days ago. Lorelei had blogged about a set and I couldn't pass it up! I am on the look out for other stamping tools too, so if any one out there knows of any...

We had many errands to do so I did much of the chain in the car on our way to the hardware store for more wire and sheets of copper which is very expensive I might add! Over $1.50 for a linear inch! The brass was $1 an inch but still pricey. Luckily I only need a little to start with. A few buck to play the day away! Then we were off to Target! Our home away from home. Cheap towel and laundry soap! Next stop... returns at Ross. Luckily we ran into Caitriona and her boys so the wait in line was fun instead of the hideously slow and painful experience it normally is. Then we had lunch with Grandma Sandra and hit Trader Joes. Our friend Myles lives in Colorado and (I don't know how he is still living there!!!) they have NO TRADER JOES!!! AHHHH! We will have to send him care packages! Then a bit of last minute shoe shopping and a quick purchase of cords for Robert's guitar. Oh! Reserection will be playing tonight at Bernardettes if anyone is in the Ventura area! Whew! It all get's piled up when you are barricaded in the house with lots of work!


Lorelei said...

thanks for the shoutout!!
Glad you got a set of stamps. I haven't played with mine yet. I am probably going to test them out on polymer clay first.
I don't have the ability to cut little metal tags. I wonder if I could buy some from someone on etsy or something.
I love your necklace in this post! Very cool! I would absolutely wear this. And the stamped tag looks great.

Gaea said...

You are so welcome! I got a few small sheets of copper from the hardware store and you can cut it with scissors. I looked on etsy but only found sterling silver. I'm sure some one has them. I would love to hear more about your art museum alter ego!