May 21, 2008

More out of the box...

I've been working on some new pendants inspired Greek mythology. Pandora's Box pendant actually looks like a box. I was afraid the perspective wouldn't translate into a flat piece. I'm just itching to put all the pieces together into one necklace. Not enough hours in the day!

I've had another project on the back burner for ages. Dear friend Jen is a most patient gal. I'd promised her a gift ages ago. She loved the rose beads and I've been rolling them around in my head and just couldn't come ups with a rose design that was her. I've also had these garnets for ages and LOVE the way the dark red and black go together so this is what worked it's way out of my head.... I hope she likes it. Shhhh it's a surprise!


Lorelei said...

very cool pendants.
beautiful necklace!

Carlene said...

Wow, if your friend doesn't like that necklace, could I be your friend?!? It's amazing!
And I'm really loving those Pandora boxes! (I like snakes!)
I need some creative time before my head explodes with ideas!!! I love the goodies you sent me!!! They are sooooo nice and you are soooooo generous!
Good karma!

Gaea said...

Thanks guys! I think she will like it! She deserves a little something pretty!