May 24, 2008

I'm shopping as fast as I can!!!

The weather has been so strange this week! Last weekend it was in the 100's and now, a week later, literally HALF that! And raining! What's the deal?! Not that I'm not loving this cafe latte weather, but you seem to get sick easier when it's like this. We almost had to turn back home only a few miles into our trek to Santa Barbara because it was raining so hard we couldn't see the road. Then two minutes later only a drizzle. Koo Koo! We made our way to the Gem Faire where I was dropped off at the door and Robert took the kids for two hours! Yay for me! Of course when there is so much to see you tend to panic and make purchases that are not wise for fear of going all that way and coming home empty handed. I did manage to find what I was really wanting... lots and lots of garnet! There was some beautiful ruby beads (I almost spent $50 on a handsome strand!) but thought it unwise! Today was a wholesale day so the crowd was really light and I wizzed through pretty fast. I think I panicked in the last 10 minutes and bought some jade that I normally wouldn't have. There were also many empty stalls because Saturday and Sunday seem to be the main days. Oh well... Still a nice drive and time with the kids.

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