May 29, 2008

Super, Mega, Amazing!

Some of the best things in life are free. Some are big and some are very, very tiny. I had a great uncle who did a scaled down version of a royal carriage and I can remember spending what seems like hours with my nose pressed up against the glass case it was housed in, gazing at it from every angle, but nothing compares to the amazingly beautiful doll art of Marina Bychkova it is, well, amazing. A feat of patience and detail. They are mesmerizing. Some are nude and some have the most intricately decorated clothing. I could spend hours looking at her well designed site. If at the end you are not amazed... check your self for a pulse my friend! Check yourself for a pulse! More on SUPER, MEGA, AMAZING tiny things, tomorrow!


pandorasfork said...

The intricacy!
The patience!
The final product!
Pretty incredible....I especially love the accessories ~
The fingers and toes are so detailed! I'm in awe!
She is a true artisan extraordinare~ :))))

White Iris Designs said...

Wow, once again the artistic talents have amazed me. Her eyes are so sad, like you should expect to see a tear roll down her cheek. Impressive!

Gaea said...

Did ya see the silver shoes?! AMAZING!