May 5, 2008

Giveaway Monday!

This weekend was Ojai's "Village Of Tales" a really great event for kids of all ages. While Robert was at band practice I took the kids to have a scoop of ice cream and hear some stories under the trees. I like to tell tales with jewelry... what is your favorite "Tale"? Leave a comment with your favorite tale and I'll pick one or two names to send a few bead and pendant goodies! Enter before Wednesday the 7th and I'll post a winner on the blog Thursday! Come and join the "Jewelry With A Story" flikr group!


Lorelei said...

Hi Gaea!
Not all of my jewelry tells it's own tale or story but there is a story behind my use of bees in my pieces lately. I am deathly afraid of bees. No, I'm not allergic. I just don't like them. Just the noise of a bee makes me dodge, and run...I want to get over this fear. I was stung twice as a child and once a few weeks ago. It's not THAT bad, but I just don't like the experience of it. I want to be able to hear or see a bee without running for the hills!
Thanks for having this giveaway! Cute idea!

Gaea said...

How awful! What a great therapy though! I love bees but wasps and yellow jackets... Ick!

Carlene said...

(I'm still struggling with the digital thing, so will just a story do?)

Once upon a time there was a very cute silver chameleon charm waiting to be used in an amazing bracelet. But his beader owner could never find the right beads to put him with. She also had 2 strings of antique beads (that didn't seem to go together) that she had been trying to use. One day when she went into her studio, there was a big clammer going one. Thinking it was mice, she checked out the beading room and found beads bouncing around. At that moment, the scales fell from her eyes and she had a huge ahha moment. The antique beads did have an underlying tone that bone beads tied together and with the chameleon charm became the bracelet that matched whichever outfit you put one. And they all lived happily ever after!
(Thanks for doing the giveaway!!)

Gaea said...

Yay! A happy ending! I love it! Thanks for entering Carlene!

White Iris Designs said...

I know it is Tues. but I still had to let you know that I love this floral piece. I am a floral designer by day & a jewelry designer by night!! So anything flowers....I am immediately drawn to.