July 11, 2008

The day was on Target.

It was another 2 Target day for us. I've mentioned our fun but smaller 2 story target with it's fancy shopping cart lift to the second floor! So, that Target didn't have every thing we needed for next Saturdays birthday party so off we went (less than a mile away!) to Target #2. Since we needed a little movement and it was soooo muggy out today a walk around the maul, er, I mean mall seemed appropriate (Yay air-conditioning!)

This is a news paper photo of the escalator in our 2 story Target! See the cart going down on the right! I know! Cheap thrills!

I was really excited about the new Beck and treated myself (new music is a coveted and rare treat!) to a brand new disk! Anyone out there enjoy it yet?

Thanks for all the great book suggestions! And congrats to liisaann! My hubby picked your name from the hat! Send your address to gaea(at)ojai(dot)net and I will get a goody out to you asap!

And only 5 more days till Project Runway, Season 5!!!!

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LiisaAnn said...

Thanks Gaea! That is fantastic! Thank you so much! What a treat. What a nice surprise to win the roses!! yahoooooo. :)

Thanks for posting about Project Runway. That is one show that I really liked to watch. Have you ever watched Split Ends? Where two hairdressers trade places? I like that one too.
Thanks again,