July 21, 2008

Just a little longer...

It will only be a few more hours before I can lift the lid! I have my fingers crossed and wood has been knocked. You never know! Aunt Cookies pieces were on the top shelf so I'll be able to see them right off!

It was a fun weekend with Calder's birthday party! I'm so glad people made the trek out to us! It was a pool party and with all the kids I was a nervous wreck!

A while back I posted some drawings for some rabbit pendants. Joelle thought the sketches would make a great card, so last night while waiting for the kiln to finish I did a few sketches and water colors for a card...

Thanks for the inspiration Jo!

1 comment:

aunt c said...

YAY! Kiln stuff!
Can't wait ~ Woo-Hoooooo!!!!

The cards are terrific....what a great idea :o)....they look sweet.

I feel like a kid at Christmas!
That Carly Simon song, "Anticipation"....you know, youngins, the one from the old ketchup commercials is rambling in my noggin about now!