July 3, 2008

You can lead a babe to the potty...

You know the old saying. We, or should I say "I" have been gently persuading our little one that using the potty would be such a fun and useful thing. For a few months now I've been trying, ever so mindful that little ones only want what is their idea, to learn the useful art of the potty. Trying things like putting her new and oh so magical "singing" potty in the living room where it would be readily available if the mood should strike. Letting her run about neked as a jay bird so she would notice what was going on. Always being patient and attentive when accidents and not so accidents (on mom and dad's bed!) happened. After all, she can go a whole night with a dry diaper. Week after week of gentle persuasion have finally paid off! She will proudly announce with great volume, "IT'S POTTY TIME!" with a giant smile to boot! And off we jam to the potty! It has been two whole days of mostly potty use (knock wood!) and I know we are not out of the diaper woods yet. But it is such a good feeling to know that we have moved (pun intended) into a potty direction! Yay us!

On a completely different note... We have chain! I've begun to add chain and cord to the web site! It is a modest selection but I hope to grow it over time!

Ok. Fun jewelry time!


Jeraluna said...

Congrats to you on this big step for your little one! I have been bribing, pleading and begging for my little girl to use the potty but nothing works she wants nothing to do with it and acts greatly offended at the suggestion! I am just going to let her decide when the time is right but I am envious of you, I am sick of changing diapers!! : ) Cheers to you again!

Gaea said...

Thanks jeraluna! I'm Right there with you! Mine is going on 3 and I think it is her time. 3 is indeed the magic number! : )