July 23, 2008


Most of the packages are on their way! Here are a few pics from the first lift of the lid!

I think I see something for Aunt Cookie!

These are the cards that I will be sending out with thank you notes! Ok... off to find my big boy some goggles for his swim class!


Joelle said...

Wow, it looks so impressive to see all that work in the kiln! Busy bee, that's what you are. Note cards are sooo cute.

aunt cookalooney said...

You are soooo productive, woman!
What a colourful array of goodies you have there.... :>)

OOOOh, I can see the pomegranate and the nest and the egg! Is that a big brown coral, too? I can NOT wait to come and see these treasures in person... ;-}

Must go and bake a batch of special cookies for the momentous occasion ~

Thank you, Thank you!!!
XX ~ Aunt Cookalicious ~ OO

LLYYNN said...

I don't know how you stand the waiting, especially when the payoff is so rich!