July 6, 2008


In the hubbub of the 4th holiday, I forgot to pick a winner for Monday Giveaway! Congrats to Carlene! Please send me your address at gaea(at)ojai(dot)net! I will send you a ceramic goody!

It was a run around sunday with a trip to not one but two Targets! When our fancy but under stocked 2 story Target didn't have the specific Indiana Jones Lego our birthday boy wanted, we headed off to Target number two, down the street. We couldn't possibly get enough of Target. Then a jaunt to Trader Joe's for all of our staples and if Aunt Cookie is reading... they have fabu vanilla marshmallows right now (she will have to come up for a mallow and ceramic pick up in a week or two!)

I made the above bracelet and am really pleased with the look of the brass and the "pearl" beads. I want to wear about 10 of them at once in every color of the rainbow! Have a beauty of a Sunday!


Lorelei said...

Fun bracelet Gaea! Does it have a clasp or does it just slip on like a bangle?

WOW, you have 2 story Targets in California?? Ours are so lame! Only one story. geez!

Aunt Mallow said...

Cool bracelet, indeed! Fun Shape :o)...

I'm thinking of caramel sandwich creams, with nilla marshie "middles", or even pumpkin whoopie pies with the same.....Hmmmmmm...always got a recipe or two hummin' for marshies!!!
It's a date!

Aunt Squishmallow

Gaea said...

Hi Lorelei!
It does slip on but I made another that has a hook opening! The 2 story Target is apparently the only one of it's kind! Cool huh!