July 10, 2008

Guest spot.

Another post as one of the July guest editors for Art Bead Scene was posted today!

A little post about getting your flexing your creative muscle! Click here to read more!

Yesterday I had Joelle and the the wee ones (gosh they are all getting so big!) over for so coffee, mac and cheese and beading. Here is Joelle with her new tools and the Jewelry/Exchange project.

She's so purty!

Joelle had her ideas all worked out, and really I think she just needed a little hand holding. I will let Joelle tell us more about her experience on her blog as I don't want to leave her with nothin' to write about! I showed her a little bit about what I know, which was a bit of a task for her to follow as I tend not to sit still and had mac and cheese on the burner and we had 4 kids in the house (Don't try this at home kids!) She followed along superbly in spite of my "wandering learning" technique! She took the project home to work on. I can't wait!

Good start!

P.S. Happy Birthday Calder! XO


Lorelei said...

Oh yay! Fun post!
Thanks for boosting Joelle's confidence! Can't wait to see what she ends up with!
I can't wait to do this again!!

Joelle said...

Oi, a little heads-up on my PG-13 cleavage action would be appreciated next time! I'm gonna finish my section tonight when Shawn gets home so I can get properly zoned-out/obsessive. I love it!!! Thanking you oh so many times, Miss G. xoox
HBD to Calder! :0)

Gaea said...

I thought it gave the post some much needed vaaahvaah voom!

Lorelei said...

I couldn't see anything but the beads!

Anonymous said...

HI! I just discovered your blog via humblebeads. Love your avatar!!! I'll be back.

Joelle said...

I'm done! Necklace is in the mail on the way to Mary.