June 27, 2008

Fantastic Friday!

Thanks for the good advice about keeping a full house under control! All my good "mommy tricks" seem to be MIA. Calder pulled Lorelei's name from the hat (I love giving them turn with this!) too bad I didn't think to do a drawing before I mailed a package out! So, congrats, Lorelei! You'll be getting another package soon!

On other news, I have been hemming and hawing for just about forever about submitting jewelry designs to magazines. I finally got my act together and did it this morning! And as luck would have it I had a project accepted by Step By Step Wire Jewelry! Now if I only knew what I would be getting myself into! It is quite a challenge! I need to take test photos and then photograph every step to be shown and write up instructions! Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in.... I am extremely excited though! So if any sage soul out there has any advice....

Aunt Kookie Cookie came out for a visit and glaze fest and had no idea how it really is with tantrum throwing 6 year olds. She got to see our big boy in action. On his behalf I have to say that It is job number one for them to get our parental attention. And they will fight tooth and nail to get it. I was being a bit selfish in my wanting "jewelry mommy time" and not jumping in the middle of the fray. With that being said, I did get the chance between battles to play with copper wire and heat. Look at how cool this copper is! RED! Bright red! It was purple when it camp out of the over!

Look at how cute Aunt Cookie is with her beautiful hydrangea's (special just for us!)


Lorelei said...

:) NO WAY! I'm so flippin' lucky! Thanks Gaea! I look forward to getting my goodies from you!
Hope you have a great weekend!
I'm off to see my lil' sis graduate. I know I'm gonna cry. ugh. I hate crying in public.

Libby said...

Yay Lorelei! A win for Lori is actually a win for us all, because her creations are such inspiring eyecandy!