June 10, 2008

Whew! The weekend is over! Never thought I'd say that!

It was a long and rather warm weekend. The yard sale took all my energy and now I could use a real weekend with movies and popcorn and.... rest. Aunt Cookie came to visit but had to cut it short when she couldn't reach her elderly mother by phone to check in. It's better to make sure she was alright. Turns out she had all the ringers off. Nothing like a little peace and quiet and scaring the pants of your closest living relative! Now school is almost out for my big 1st grader and it got me to thinking about fond school memories. I remember sitting way out in the school athletic field in the spring, when the grass would grow taller than we were, with friends, just taking turns reading out loud to each other. 6th grade was wonderful. A caring and lovely teacher, Mrs. Hill. She was teaching up until a few years ago. She was my favorite teacher. She loved us all, warts and all. What is your favorite school memory.... A summery goodie awaits someone on Friday!


Joelle said...

I loved elementary school in New Jersey. During the winter, it would be so cold and dark outside and so warm and cozy inside. In 1976 we celebrated the bicentennial and it seemed like we were always quilting or making pot-holders. Heaven.

Lorelei said...

I had a favorite teacher as well.
My 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Houck. Oh how she put up with such shenanigans. Not from me, I was a perfect child. ;) And this is also the same year that I met my very best friend Rosie.

Carlene said...

I loved to play basketball after school with my friend and her older brother. He was really nice to us and actually helped us and gave us pointers. It's funny how you always remember an act of kindness.