June 30, 2008

It was almost like a real vacation!

We had quite the Weekend! Two! Count' em TWO birthday parties! Loads of fun treats (corn dogs, homemade marshmallows, and the CUTEST shark and Orca cupcakes ever! Maybe Joelle will post a pic on her blog?) and bouncy houses and great friends! Then in the evening we had a swim and Grandma Sandra's house and dinner. I was nice to splash and play. On Friday we saw the matinee showing of WALL•E. Very excellent! Those Pixar folks are magic!

Today is hot and we could use another dip! Test shots of my new project were the plan for today and I sent them off to be evaluated. I hope they pass muster.

We are thinking of taking a family vacation this year. Something we have never done with the kids. Usually our getaways B.C. (before children) consisted of camping trips or visits to San Francisco. We were thinking about San Diego and the zoo. I love the idea of travel but it is often overwhelming for me and doing it with the kids seems scary. We may just do a day trip to Universal Studios instead of renting a car and hotel for over night. We are not made of money and theme park tickets are pricey enough. Does anyone have any special travel tricks? How do you keep it in your budget? I have a special pendant with your name on it if we pick your name! Happy Monday all!


Lorelei said...

Leave the kids at home! ;)

sorry, that's my only advice!
Probably shouldn't be giving advice since I currently have no kiddies. But I just wanted to leave some sort of comment! I love the tulip!

Carlene said...

As a non-kidlet family I don't know how great my advice would be, but we love National Parks. Lots to see, reasonable entrance fee, and very fun. Going non-peak usually means easier to get a place to sleep (room or campsite), sometimes discounted, and not as crowded. If your family likes the great out doors, it might not be as exciting as a theme park, but I think you can have just as much fun and take home some great memories!
And I'm loving the new pieces you've been sharing! Great stuff!