June 23, 2008

Less is more.

I've been on a "less is more" kick for a while. It feels good to play with one idea at a time and let it gel for a while. I tend to get too many ideas going and then they collide. Earrings were a fun idea this weekend...

House cleaning was another idea that didn't come to pass! I thought maybe because it has cooled off a bit today I could get some house cleaning done! HA! HA! HA! Maybe someone (ANYONE?!) has a great tip for keeping a house with two kids under control? There maybe a shinny new pair of earrings in it for you this Friday if you leave comment? I'll post a winner Friday!


Lorelei said...

Oh my, I have trouble just keeping a house with one husband and one cat!
I have no advice for you I'm afraid! :(
I'd say it might help to have a chore list on the frig- everyone has their own "job" that needs doing??
Who knows! Good luck!
I love your earrings! And I *love* the mini ceramic rounds!!

pandorasfork said...

The chandelier's are fab! I love the black wires ~ you are the twirly-swirly Wizardess of Wire!
As for the cleaning, give them tasks to help you for inexpensive
A Nature Walk
A Pic Nic in the Yard
Extended Time @ the Park
Creativity makes the cleaning fun...(or so we'd like to think!)
"Swab those Decks, Mateys!"

Libby said...

Let's see if I can remember a few mommy tricks. I like a nice big wicker basket (laundry-size) in the family room for quick pickups. Calming essential oils of lavender and vanilla and relaxing classical music for quiet time. Fruit and veggies & dip snacks instead of sugary stuff. I've always loved a trip to the library for storytime - where it's usually nice and cool. And maybe a 12-13-14 yr old mother's helper who would otherwise be home alone. And relax Mom - real friends won't mind a little mess!

Gaea said...

Thanks guys! I seem to have forgotten all of my "Mommy tricks". Or maybe they are on strike! : )